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  • Connect Android phone and Windows via WiFi. Control your Pc
  • Someone is calling when you are playing music on your PC, auto mute PC volume function enable you to hear the ring tone clearly, without missing a call.
  • Fully support TTPlayer (Music player), Media Player Classic. Other media players for Windows are also supported.
  • Shake your phone while listening to music on PC, you can play next song on your TTPlayer! Of course, using your PC speakers.
overall picture for android remote server and wifi remote app

You need to install 2 components. Firstly, download and install Android Remote Server on your Windows. Then, download the Android WiFi Remote app at Google Play Store. Finally, configure your network and password settings for Server program, as well as your WiFi Remote app. That's all!

Click here to follow Step by Step Configuration Tutorial.

*** Multi-touch mouse feature is added. (Server ***
*** All winamp skins are supported! Please upgrade your Android Remote Server. ***
*** PPTV and PPLive are now partially supported. (Both are online video play for Chinese) ***

*** Facebook Page is created, you can post questions about installations there. ***


Windows: Winamp 5.666
(Winamp forum)

In order to remote control your Windows, you must run this server program on your Windows with network connection. It receive your commands form your phone and execute the commands remotely. (.net framework 3.5 is required)

Run the server program. You need to specify your IP address, port number and a 4 digits pass code for your connection.

For security reason, please DO NOT USE a public IP address. Using a private IP address (e.g. 192.168.1.*) is highly recommended. This app is designed for home use. If you are connected to a public WiFi network, please do not use this app.

DO NOT run your media players ("winamp.exe", "mpc.exe", etc.) by checking the "Run as adminstrator" box. Please UNCHECK the box for your players!

* or above has a better support for Windows 8 and 64bit Windows. If you cannot use "mouse click" function in order version, you can try this one.

Download from other servers:
sendspace link, BT

Last Update: 2/9/2013

download android remote server

This is the WiFi Remote app for your android phone. Please download and install WiFi Remote app at Google Play Store.

We just input the connection settings in step 1. You must re-enter those settings in your WiFi Remote app on your phone. You must enable WiFi connection and connected to a WiFi network. Otherwise the app will not work.

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